• Maintenance Window and Support Verification
    During our Client On-boarding process we determine standard maintenance windows that are customized to what works best for your business. Please review each tab and select the schedule that works best for you.

    We have entered our standard windows that work best for most of our clients.

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    • Weekly Maintenance Types
      The Following schedule will be used when we install security patches and updates. During this time we will need all Workstations and Servers to be online to receive the updates through our management agents.

    • Day of the Week?
    • Maintenance Window?
      All times are in PDT (+8 Hours)
    • Maintenance Exclusions?
      Document any Servers or Workstations that should not be automatically updated

    • Monthly Maintenance Types
      The following schedule will be used when we install updates that require a technician manually validate the changes. During this time we will need to reboot these devices and services may be affected during the maintenance window.

    • Week of the Month? *
      Week Starts on the 1st Business day of the Month.
    • Day of the Week? *
    • Maintenance Window ? *
      All times are in PDT (+8 Hours)
    • Maintenance Exclusions?
      Document any devices or systems that should not be included during monthly maintenance.

    • Emergency Maintenance Contacts
      We realize there may be issues where systems need fixed when there isn't a scheduled maintenance window. When this happens we will troubleshoot the issue and determine a work around or determine the Fix. When this happens we notify the emergency contacts to coordinate the fix. By default the emergency contacts are the authorized approvers, however in some instances you may require others be notified before it happens. Please confirm your emergency contacts here.

    • Notify Additional Staff?
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    • Contact Phone?
      Please provide the contacts Cell Phone Number
    • Notify Authorized Approvers? *

    • After Hours Support Authorization
      Fuse Networks provides 24x7 after-hours support for Priority 1 (P1) outages or service impairments. Realizing your staff may submit non-critical service requests after-hours, we do make ourselves available to assist at pre-defined after-hours rates. To authorize the use of after-hours support for non-Priority 1 based issues by your staff at any time, we ask for your consent below. Otherwise your staff will be directed to contact you to authorize after-hours support..

    • Authorization *
      By Selecting yes you are agreeing to our after hour support minimum of two hours at $200 an hour.