Office 365 Online Backup

Our Online Backup will let you back up your contacts, mailboxes, calendars, attachments, tasks and deleted items into a secure cloud storage. Get the best protection on the market for your emails and important files.Protect your Office 365 data anytime, from anywhere, to the cloud

Office 365 backup plans come in three simple models, ranging from 10GB for a single users or 50 GB to 300 GB of backup for your entire organization. Backup storage is scalable and can be managed by you as needed, gig per gig.


Your Responsible for your Business Data             

Microsoft takes care of its services, making sure customers get what they pay for: online applications and data that is accessible at any time. If one of your users unexpectedly deletes critical data or a device gets hacked and your data is corrupted, Microsoft may not be able to recover everything you need in a timely fashion. In the meantime, your business has to keep running.

Your Office 365 Data is very valuable

With Office 365, your documents, reports, emails and more are stored in the cloud. You can be sure your valuable data is in a reliable place. But, will you be ready if disaster strikes? If you need to restore your data, will Microsoft respond quickly enough to help meet your recovery time objective?

You Need Full Control of your Backup Process

Microsoft has protection rules and will back up your data their way. Schedule and retention settings for backups vary from one Office 365 product to another and flexibility is limited. Plus, advanced protection options like email in-place archiving are only available with the most expensive plans like Office 365 E3.


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