Who’s Managing Your Technology Deployment Strategy?

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Who’s Bridging the Gap Between Your Technology and Your Business?

In enterprise-level companies, where there are enough resources to support a variety of executive-level staff, the CIO (Chief information officer) works with the CFO and CEO to develop strategies designed to best utilize technology as part of the business’ long-term objective and goals. However, the wide range of skills required of a CIO takes considerable investment and compensation to acquire and is often outside the possibility of most smaller Seattle businesses.

On average, the annual salary of a CIO in and around Seattle is around $180,000, not including other additional compensation. For many businesses, hiring a dedicated body for this role for the long term just isn’t in the cards.

Enter the vCIO

With a vCIO on your team, you grant your business access to enterprise-level skills at an attractive price-point. A vCIO allows your small or medium size business the ability to compete with the ‘big boys’ on their terms, without breaking the bank. When you utilize a vCIO, you’re free to focus on your business, while your vCIO works on keeping your IT up-to-date, in shape and most importantly competitive.

Our vCIO service, as part of the “Fuse Advantage” is in an integral part of our mission to provide enterprise-level service and solutions to small and medium businesses. If you have in-house IT already, the vCIO doesn’t replace your IT supervisor or team, they supplement them, adding their expertise to that of your team. This allows for personalized strategies to ensure your technology, budget, and business objectives align.

Some of the services the vCIO provides are:

  • Expertise on how to align IT to business objectives
  • Insights on technology trends and best practices
  • IT project verification, oversight, and budgeting

For smaller companies, these crucial decisions typically come down to the business owner, or one team member, who might be talented, but may not have the all the skills or experience needed to interpret the technology needs of the company. Moreover, they may be too engaged in day-to-day functions to dedicate the resources required to manage information systems and networks. Conversely, they may spend too much time, ‘putting out IT fires’, to put the time and commitment to their actual job. Either way, your business might not be operating as effectively as it could be.

One Point of Contact for All Things IT

The mission of our vCIO service is to bridge the gap between IT administrator, operations manager, team members and vendors, providing you the information needed for to make intelligent decisions regarding how best to implement your technology. At Fuse Networks, our goal is to share our expertise to ensure your organization can reach their business goals, with no surprises.

Finally, we are more than happy to do the ‘dirty’ work, as often this work is where the true value of our vCIO offering can be found. This includes managing vendors, warranty and hardware documentation, and ensuring that proper processes are implemented and followed. Other tasks include detail categorizing of your hardware and software licenses, building long-term IT budget roadmaps, and establishing IT Security policies.

We understand the difficulty many SMB owners face when they have to wear multiple hats. There are only so many hours in the day and trying to do everything, often results in nothing getting done. Fuse Network’s vCIO provides a turn-key solution to viewing your technology not as a burden, but as an asset to your business plan and an investment in your success.

For more information on how a vCIO can benefit your business or learn more about the “Fuse Advantage”, contact us at 855-GET-FUSE (438-3873) or complete the contact form and we will show you the advantage of having a strategic technology plan for your business.

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