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Why Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX with Fuse Networks provides you with the ability to leverage an assortment of different devices as unified communications tools, all dialable with a single number and able to access a single voicemail. This kind of access is increasingly important in an accelerating business world.

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Why Businesses Have Acclimated to the Cloud

There are a few reasons that the business computing environment and the cloud match up so well, from both an operational and a managerial standpoint.

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Microsoft Office, Beyond the Core Four

It is more than likely that the term “Microsoft Office” brings just a few applications to mind: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. While these programs are exceptionally useful for completing various tasks that a business needs to address, our Microsoft Office 365 Plan encompasses considerably more.

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Windows Azure

Why is a Backup Necessary?

Unfortunately, data is a very fragile thing by nature, which is problematic when considering how important it is to a business’ processes, and indirectly, its success. When data loss is such a real concern, you want to do anything you can to ensure that your business will be able to recover its resources and resume its operations. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of ways that data could potentially be lost.

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