Microsoft Office, Beyond the Core Four

It is more than likely that the term “Microsoft Office” brings just a few applications to mind: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. While these programs are exceptionally useful for completing various tasks that a business needs to address, our Microsoft Office 365 Plan encompasses considerably more.

Our plans include a variety of other Microsoft applications and utilities that your business requires. Collaboration and communication is covered by Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, with an assortment of solutions granting your Business that are secured with Identity and Access Management capabilities through configuration with Azure. Based on your business’ particular needs, we have an assortment of plans available to ensure you have the tools to drive you toward success.


What is Microsoft Office 365?

As its name signifies, Office 365 is the all-encompassinGoogle Workspace of software solutions that Microsoft offers. This suite enables productive work to be done toward a variety of goals, each need covered by one of the programs involved. Available through a subscription service, you will no longer have to worry if your business is using the best version of the software that is available - you will receive updates automatically.

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Leveraging the Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Azure is the cloud service that Microsoft provides. With Azure, you can leverage the many benefits and services that cloud technology offers, with the reliability of Microsoft behind you. Microsoft Azure can be used to fulfill a variety of business needs - including backup and disaster recovery, business intelligence and big data applications, and more - ensuring that you can always rely on it.

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Discovery Microsoft 365 Business!

Microsoft 365 Business was developed with you in mind! It's built to keep things simply for you and your people, bringing together the best features from Office 365, Azure, and Windows 10 have to offer. This bundle includes everything you need to stay empowered, creative, and productive, all with just a single monthly subscription

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Why Work with Fuse Networks?

While Microsoft produces some truly exceptional solutions, they just can’t offer the same personal touches that Fuse Networks can. By dealing with us, you can enjoy benefits like:

    • Professional Migration and Onboarding Services - Migrating an email system can be an arduous and stress-laden task. Our team will handle your migration from your existing solution to Microsoft Office 365 with no downtime, and at a cost that won’t break the bank.
    • Support Services - We provide an alternative to calling Microsoft support, offering a more personal approach to resolving any issue you may be encountering. Give us a call whenever you need to, 24/7, 365.
    • Transparent Licensing - Consuming multiple types of Microsoft licensing can be confusing. You want to ensure you have the right approach to consuming these services while only paying for what you use. We understand this and will proactively review your subscription and look for ways to consolidate them and reduce your monthly fees.
    • No Commitment Guarantee - Unsure if you’ll want to stick with Office 365 in the future? No problem - we can set you up with a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Microsoft Office 365 is a widely trusted solution for a reason, and using it with Fuse Networks makes it even better. To understand how your business could leverage a cloud-based solution through Microsoft, reach out to us at 855-GET-FUSE (438-3873).

Let's talk about Microsoft Solutions that are right for your business!

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