Fuse Networks Security Foundation Assessment

Our Security Foundation Assessment is a free 15-question tool that will gauge your current security environment and see if there’s room for improvement. The assessment has been carefully designed to be quick but still thorough enough to get a global view of an organization’s security posture.



How safe is your business? Use our security assessment to find out!

Is your business secure? We won't sugar coat it: the answer is probably 'no.'

Just look at the daily headlines - from banks to social networks to government agencies, security breaches are now a fact of life. Whats more is that those headlines only cover enterprises big enough to warrant national or even international attention. Small and medium-sized businesses, with far more limited resources, are arguably even more vulnerable to potentially devastating Cyber attacks.

Forget the hacker wizards of Hollywood blockbusters, because most breaches are a lot less dramatic than that. Wheather it's phishing, ransomware or personal data leaks, these attacks typically adhere to the following paramerters:

  • They exploit easily-overlooked vulnerabilities. The biggest vectors for cyberattacks are emal and Microsoft 365 solutions everyone uses; 
  • They rely on human element. Attackers take advantage of our trust, habits, likes, forgetfulness and inattention;
  • They happen because we think of security as a single set-it-and-fortget-it solution. We assign access and privledges and never reviese the established structure.

 These days, security challenges are keeping more and more business owners and their IT staff awake at night, and with good reason. Unfortunately, more business owners still are not paying enough attention. Security is special and essential. With most remedies being reactive rather than proactive, it can feel like we’re playing catch-up with cyber criminals who are always one step ahead.

Add to that the current work-from home-shift and security truly becomes a top of mind priority. It is now more important than ever to think about how you can keep your employees and business secure while working from various locations outside the office.

However, with so many different security solutions available out there, it can be tough to know which ones are the right fit for your business. Furthermore, how do you know if you’re using said solutions correctly, or taking the right measures to protect your business?

First and foremost, you need to take stock your current security posture. Have you been asking the right questions? Do you know why you’re asking particular questions? Are you even asking questions? If not, you definitely should be. The simplest way to approach this is with a comprehensive security assessment.

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