• Overview
    Prior to our scheduled onsite meeting we ask that you tell us about your business through a short questionnaire. This questionnaire allows us to build a basic understanding of how you are consuming technology today and make the most of our time during our on-site assessment. Please fill in as much information as possible.

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    • Business Overview
      The Following Questions will tell us about your business.

    • Company Name *
    • Number of Office Locations? *
    • Main Phone *
    • Website
    • Years in Business? *
    • General Gross Revenue?
    • What does your Organization Do? *
    • Future Company Growth or Expansion Plans?
      Tell us about any major changes tha may be happening in the near future.
    • Full Time Staff *
    • Part Time / Volunteer Staff *
    • How do Part Time or Voluntary Staff use your systems? *
      Here we are looking for a general description of the ways they access company applications.

    • Click Here to Download our Employee Discovery Form

      This Form documents the Employee's within your organization and will identify users who will need IT Support.
      We will review this with you during our onsite meeting but ask that you fill this out prior to our meeting.

    • Technology Budget Information
      The Following Questions will help provide a general overview of your current Technology Costs.

    • Do you include Technology Expenses in your Budgeting Process? *
      Internet Bills, Workstation replacements, Software, etc...

    • Cloud Services and Applications
    • Do you currently have any hosted applications or services? *
      Mark all services that are in use
    • Other Services?
      Provide a brief overview of any services we haven't listed.
    • Internet Service Provider
    • Service Provider Name *
    • Invoice Copy
    • Phone Provider
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    • Invoice Copy

    • Current IT Support
      The Following Questions will help provide a general overview of the support you receive now.

    • Who Provides Support Now? *
    • What are your biggest pain points with Technology Today? *

    • Current Computer Hardware
    • What Workstations do you utilize today? *
      Check all that apply
    • Are all devices covered by a manufacturer Warranty? *
      Waranty includes support for hardware replacement and troubleshooting

    • Current Server Hardware
    • Current Server Environment

    • Any additional information you would like to share?
      We realize your time is valuable and can't cover every section prior to our meeting. Because of this, we always like to leave a section for you to disclose anything we may have missed.

    • Additional Information?